loan against property in delhi

Information You Want To Know About Loan Against Property 


  • A loan against property is a secured type of loan option. 
  • You get a loan by mortgaging your property. You can mortgage commercial and residential property also. 
  • You can get a loan against property to a certain percentage of your property value.
  • The interest rate of the loan against property is comparatively low than other types of loan. 

loan against property in delhi

Reasons for taking a loan against property :


A loan against property can be taken for various reasons. As renowned loans against property providers in Delhi we experienced that people take a loan against property for marriage, making down payment of vehicle and house, education, etc. 

On the other hand business owners also take loans against property for business expansion, marketing expenses, research and development, product development, etc. 


Benefits of Loan against property:


Low-interest rate:

A loan against property is a secured type of loan hence interest rate is comparatively low. Hence EMI rates are also low in this type of loan. You can complete your other needs without straining your needs. 

Long Tenure:

Loan against property has a long repayment tenure. This will lower down your EMI. a long tenure with lower EMI helps to reduce the burden of the borrower. 

Continuous ownership of property :

You continue to own your property while availing funds against your property. You have to make repayment of the loan to avoid a legal hassle in the future. 


Eligibility of Loan Against Property:


Loan against property eligibility is different for business owners and salaried personnel. For salaried individuals, lenders fix some annual income. Below-average income borrowers can not get loans

There is also maximum and minimum age for getting a loan. Businesses also need a certain amount of turnover to avail loans against property.


Documents Required to Avail Property Loan 


As salaried individuals, you need the following documents to avail loan against property. 

  • Income tax return, salary sleeps of previous few months or form 16 .
  • Bank statements of last year .
  • PAN card .
  • Identity proof .
  • Telephone proof .
  • Passport size photograph .

Business owners need to provide:

  • Audited income tax return financial . 
  • Partnership deed .
  • The balance sheet of the main account and associated accounts .
  • Shareholding patterns if your company is privately limited .

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