What is Loan Against Property and Characteristics of LAP

What is Loan Against Property?

A loan against property is a secured type of loan which banks or non banking financial institutes offer against commercial or residential properties. 

While availing loan against property the first question comes in mind is how much can i get? The answer of this question depends on your income and the percentage of property value you own. 

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Loan Against Property Can Be Taken For Following Reasons:

  • Expansion of business 
  • Marriage of family member 
  • Higher education 
  • For medical treatment 
  • To avail fund for dream vacation 

Characteristics of personal loan 

Comparatively cheaper :

Loan against property is comparatively cheaper than the personal loan. Interest rate of loan against is comparatively less. 

Longer Tenure:

Tenure of loan against property is usually longer than personal loan. You can avail loan against property for the tenure of up to 10 years. 

Lower EMI:

Interest rate of loan against property is lower than personal loan. Lower interest rate leads to lower EMI. 

Simple Documentation and Fast Processing:

Loan against property is secured loan hence it requires minimum documents. It’s also fast processing loan compared to other types of loan. 

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